Design with the future in mind

Superunknown is a strategic design agency. We help future-minded companies challenge the status quo and leap to the unknown.

The superunknown lies in horizons beyond what you can immediately see. Where the edges are blurry and the greatest opportunities are hidden from sight. This is where we do our work with the bold and the brave.

We work with you to design tomorrow’s breakthrough brands, products, services and experiences.

Breakthrough Strategy

Developing moonshot visions, bold propositions, left-field strategies and unexpected market plays.
  • Business visions
  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Product/service strategy
  • CX strategy

Breakthrough Design

Designing one-of-a-kind products, services and brands, and developing cutting-edge digital experiences.
  • Brand identity
  • Digital/UX/UI design
  • CX design
  • Product design
  • Service design

Breakthrough Innovation

Ideating, creating and prototyping new concepts, propositions and business models.
  • Digital prototypes
  • Co-venture accelerators
  • Pilot design
  • Product/service visions
  • Innovation sprints
Business Vision, Digital Strategy, Service Design
Business Vision, Brand Strategy, Product Strategy
Business Strategy, Product Design, GTM Strategy

Change the game

We work with  game changers who are hungry to disrupt the old and invent the new. Those prepared to think bigger and think differently.

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Our team have backgrounds in product strategy, brand strategy, CX and design. We cover a lot of bases and can take you from imagination to implementation as fast as you need to get there.

Nick Davis, Co-founder

Nick has a background in brand strategy. He has founded a co-design agency, devised a unique innovation methodology and helped navigate some of Australia’s leading brands to launch breakthrough value propositions to market.

Paul Hoskins, Co-founder

Paul has a background in product development. He has led innovation within blue-chip organisations, built an enterprise funded digital startup from the ground-up and helped numerous start-up founders make product breakthroughs.

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